Plant Performance Monitoring

Plant Performance Monitoring System

Data Integration

Integrating data from many different acquisition systems is a complex challenge. Yet, it is the only way to get a complete picture of your machinery and plant health. TurboWatch system provides a one stop access to manage, analyze, store and view machinery data from a variety of sources.

OPC UA, DA & HDA connectivity
MS SQL back end database
Data export using industry standard protocols

Data Visualization

TurboWatch provides a whole set of specialized data visualization tools that can be customized to create highly sophisticated displays. The highly flexible HMI display allows easy point and click navigation through monitored equipment displaying real-time data and equipment status. Powerful charting tools help in technical analysis of collected historical data with extensive capabilities to customize professional quality graphs and share plots and data with other windows applications. Browser based display programs can be accessed from any device on network without the need for any local installation.

Performance Analysis

One of the most powerful features of TurboWatch system is its open and flexible analysis engine. The flexibility and ease of use of TurboWatch analysis module combined with it’s custom libraries, specialized analysis functions, data collection, filtering and reporting tools, makes it a powerful tool that can be tailored for the most complex analysis tasks.

Data Logging and Notifications

The TurboWatch system also serves as a data repository that collects and analyzes data from a variety of sources. TurboWatch Historian is a robust Windows service that stores data using Microsoft SQL as the backend database system. The System stores both steady state and higher resolution transient data. The amount of history stored is user configurable and is limited only by available disk space.

Access Levels and Security

TurboWatch supports role-based user access levels and security. Custom roles can be set up with user defined granularity to control viewing and editing rights for individual display and anlaysis modules. The customization and personalization options in TurboWatch allow different users to easily focus on data relevant to their task. This helps reduce information overload and promotes quick and efficient decision-making.

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