Performance Analysis

Continuous and On-demand Analysis

The Online Analysis Service performs continuous unattended analysis at pre-configured periodic intervals. It computes performance parameters for entire machine as well as individual equipment sections and analyzes new incoming data in background mode.
Interactive Offline Analysis:  An interactive utility allows on demand or offline analysis. Engineers can tweak existing models or add entirely new analysis equations and run what-if scenarios. The interactive utility works seamlessly with both Matlab™ and MathCad™ applications to provide a robust tool that can handle the most demanding calculations.

Customized Analysis Models

Performance analysis models are customized and fine tuned for individual machines being monitored. TurboWatch uses thermodynamic and statistical modeling to compute key performance indicators (KPI) such as component and overall efficiencies and fouling factors for turbomachinery as well as static equipment.
Extension  libraries are provided for specialized analysis functions.  Empirical equations of state (EOS) models are used for computing gas mixture properties used in computing performance of gas compressors and turbo-expanders. 

System Monitoring

Monitor all your rotating and static equipment

Gas Turbine Performance Monitoring

  • Energy balance
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature plots
  • Inlet filter fouling 
  • Monitor compressor section efficiency to decide optimum time for online water wash.

Gas Compressor Performance Monitoring

  • Actual performance corrected to curve basis
  • Current and historical data overlay on performance curves 
  • Trend deviation between actual and expected values
  • Multiple Equation of State (EOS) models for computing gas mixture properties
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