IIoT Tools and digital Transformation

Driving IoT innovation across industries

Industrial IoT, or IIoT, essentially involves leveraging interconnected sensors, devices, and machines within industrial settings to gather data for various purposes like monitoring equipment health, optimizing processes, predicting maintenance needs, and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.
Monimax can help in your digital transformation initiative by providing end-to-end services and solutions to guarantee a smooth transition.

Machine Monitoring

■ Real-time data tracking and analysis

■ Data visualization using dashboards and mimics

■ Customized reports for different stakeholders

■ Predictive analytics for potential problems

■ Historical data trends for identifying abnormal patterns

Small and Medium Scale IIoT

■ Simple IIoT solutions to scale with your needs

■ Gain insights to enhance efficiency and reduce costs

■ Increase machine availability and reliability

■ Continuous visibility of energy usage to optimize consumption

■ Remote monitoring to add value for your customers

Consulting and Implementation

■ Analyze your need and provide digitalization roadmap

■ Select and setup appropriate IIoT hardware (sensors, readers etc.)

■ Build custom solutions and integrate sub-systems.

■ Functional and Performance testing, including load testing, of implemented solution to validate and ensure consistent performance.

Why Choose Monimax as Your IIoT Development Partner


We work hand in hand with project stakeholders to define the specifications for every aspect of an Industrial IoT framework, including connectivity, embedded software, and cloud-based software solutions.


We ensure efficient integration with existing systems such as ERP, SCADA, MES etc. to make sure all the systems work together as a unified whole without any disruptions or complications.


We utilize agile development methodologies to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of development. Our goal is continuous collaboration with the customer to gather their feedback and respond to change quickly.


To optimize investment and expedite value realization, we prioritize the development of essential features initially, gradually enhancing the solution's functionality over time. Additionally, we harness the capabilities of open-source IoT platforms for Industrial IoT development.

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