Performance and Data Analysis

Monimax brings extensive expertise in data analysis and the calculation of key performance parameters, providing operators and engineers with accurate insights into the actual performance and degradation of their plants and equipment. This valuable information empowers you to take appropriate actions, avoid unnecessary controllable losses, and save money.


  • Specialized Thermodynamic models for computing performance of large Gas Turbines, Gas Compressors, HRSGs, Steam Turbines, Turboexpanders, Heat exchangers  and other rotating and static equipment.
  • Performance  parameters corrected to test conditions for meaningful comparison of actual versus expected performance.
  • Apply heat and energy balance principles to  track performance changes and detect data inconsistencies. 


Analysis Tools

  • Analysis algorithms coded in robust industry standard packages like Matlab™ and MathCad™ with custom libraries provided.
  • Custom libraries developed for computing gas  mixture properties using Equation of State models, computing air and flue gas properties and fuel heating value etc.
  • Custom visualization tools and performance map displays to show data overlay on as tested curves for comparison.
  • Support and services for refining data models using historical data.



  • Provide integration and consolidation of analysis computations and results with other Plant Information Systems such as AVEVA-Pi and similar.
  • Libraries to support retrieving and sharing machinery and plant data using industry standard data connectivity protocols such as OPC, ODBC, MQTT and others.
  • Develop custom applications for your specific needs


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