Integrating data from many different acquisition systems is a complex challenge. Yet, it is the only way to get a complete picture of your machinery and plant health. TurboWatch system provides a one stop access to manage, analyze and view machinery data from a variety of sources including online and offline or hand-held devices.

Integration_icon_1Increased Visibility

One of the most important aspect of TurboWatch system is making all critical plant information fully visible to the user. By making data from different systems available under one common interface empowers the user to quickly and clearly see any changes.  This not only keeps them fully aware but also enables them to anticipate and react to any challenges.

Integration_icon_3Data Access and Sharing

Enterprise framework of TurboWatch provides easy access to real-time and historical performance data from any desktop PC throughout the organization.  Easy information sharing across various departments such as operations, maintenance and management, facilitates informed decision making in an integrated operations strategy.

Integration_icon_5Performance Comparisons

Using single system to monitor several machine trains across multiple platforms allows quick performance comparisons between similar machines and helps optimize individual machine and fleet performance.

Integration_icon_2Industry Standard Communication

The TurboWatch system provides two way data sharing with other plant information management systems using the latest technology and industry standard communication protocols such as OPC, ODBC and Web Services,.  Other systems can easily retrieve real-time and historical performance data from TurboWatch, which is essential for integrated operations.

Integration_icon_6Alarm Notificaitons

Multilevel alarms for all measured tags  as well as computed key performance indicators allow early warning of any changes in a critical process with varying levels of severity.  For immediate action system can also send email and SMS notifications to selected users based on alarm severity.

Integration_icon_4Individual Preferences

The customization and personalization options in TurboWatch allow different users to easily focus on data relevant to their task. This helps reduce information overload and promotes quick and efficient decision-making.

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