Monitoring the condition and performance of critical machinery is central to implementing effective maintenance. TurboWatch performance monitoring system provides a comprehensive solution with powerful analytical capabilities and right blend of technology and tools to make the information easily accessible throughout your organization. TurboWatch is an enterprise level system designed for monitoring of equipment and processes on multiple platforms/plants. The main strengths of the system are:

  • Modular and open architecture
  • Use of open connectivity standards and industrial strength database
  • Robust data historian
  • Completely configurable data acquisition and display features.
  • Flexibility and ease of use (both at user and administrator level)

TurboWatch system provides an enterprise level infrastructure that is also easily extensible. It provides a framework for gathering data from various systems, analyzing it and presenting the information in an integrated and easy to use interface. It includes powerful analysis tools that help in assessing equipment/plant health based on thermodynamic and statistical modelling techniques.

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    Data Integration

    TurboWatch provides a Framework for integrating data from a variety of data sources and measurement systems present in a plant.

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    Performance Analysis

    Customized performance models combined with a flexible and open interface and a powerful computational is one of the key features of TurboWatch.

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    Data Visualization

    A suite of specialized display programs are available to aid in analysis and performance visualization.

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    Data Historian

    TurboWatch has a robust data historian with Microsoft® SQL Server as backend database system.

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